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Block Showcase

Content Block Library

Pages are built with content blocks

There are many content blocks available to build each page/article. Take a look around and see how each block can be added and configured to display content in an infinite number of ways.


This is the most basic building block — text. However, it has options.

Text + Image

A very common block, with an image on one side and text on the other.

Full Image

This basic block adds a full image or video to the page, complete with options.


Intended for the top of the page, the hero makes the big first impression.


The Tiles block can be used to describe features, modules or even locations.


This block is used to display a single or carousel of attributed quotes.


This block can be used to display faqs or categorized collections.


The gallery block displays a grid of images in multiple ways.

People Grid

This block is used to display team photos, names and titles.


Related to the people grid, this displays an individual's bio and info.

Contact Form

This block drops a configurable contact form on the page with options.


Just like it sounds, this is used to add disclaimers and legal text.