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Solve complex problems

See your data through a new lens.

The Neara Platform is a powerful physics-based, interactive 3D platform delivering a granular and accurate digital twin of a utility’s network.

Sophisticated. Adaptable. Scalable.

Neara’s cloud-based platform provides functionality that allows utility infrastructure owners and operators to identify risks and create solutions for a more resilient grid. It offers a variety of applications, made possible through the Neara Modules.

Neara displayed on a laptop

Neara produces an engineering-grade 3D model of a utility network that replicates physical reality.

How it Works

Assess known and unknown risks.

The model is powered by a physics-based engine aligned with engineering standards, which enables sophisticated analytics at scale such as FEA (finite element analysis), cascading pole failure analysis, weather simulations and more.

Neara’s digital twin unlocks a wide breadth of analytical, economic and risk-based application use cases, enabling utilities to identify, remediate and mitigate risks across their network efficiently and cost-effectively.

Simple integration without replacement.

Neara integrates with existing data inputs and systems – wherever they may be –  through APIs to ensure an accurate and up-to-date digital twin that can be used across the organization. We use secure channels to consume and return data, and all data is encrypted during flight with access restricted through firewalls.

Neara runs on AWS, but can connect and integrate with other cloud platforms including Azure and GCP (Google Cloud Platform). Our technology is non-disruptive. We focus on interoperability – enabling you to extract more value from your technology infrastructure.

network graphic

Neara brings data sets together, such as LiDAR, GIS, engineering drawings, inspection photos, and more – enabling situational awareness of your transmission and distribution network.

Extract insights. Find optimal solutions.

The Neara Platform breaks down data silos, offering a single source of truth for operating and managing your T&D network more efficiently.

Let Neara do the heavy lifting of data transformation so you can get back to delivering a better network for your customers.

Get Started

Secure. Cloud-based. Collaborative.

Neara’s cloud-based platform is secure, accessible via a web browser, and enables full team collaboration and flexibility for 3rd party contractors through controlled user access. View and share data and models on both desktop or mobile devices.

Spatial Modules

Automate point cloud classification at scale and save time.

Design Modules

Streamline the design process using a 3D network model.

Analyze Modules

Execute network-wide analysis and deep dive into asset performance.

Module vegetation

SEE Results.

Generate advanced dashboards using highly customizable visualization tools including tables, heatmaps, map views, reports, scenarios/simulations, formulas, and more.

This lets users see what they are implementing in 3D instead of relying on spreadsheets. Simplified dashboards can be shared easily with management and operational teams.

What team are you?

Asset Management Teams

Analyze asset behaviors under various environmental and operating conditions. Digitize the inspection processes to increase efficiency and minimize unnecessary visits.

Asset Management Teams

I need to understand the condition of assets at an individual and at a network level, in order to make better investment decisions while optimizing CAPEX and OPEX spend.

Risk Management Teams

Build reports and dashboards that span across multiple business functions to enable cross-functional identification and prioritization of network risks.

Risk Management Teams

I need to identify and prioritize network risks across multiple teams, in order to improve grid reliability and resiliency, and better understand liability exposure.

Vegetation Management Teams

Rapidly identify, analyze, prioritize and mitigate vegetation-related issues across your entire network. Discover new ways to optimize associated OPEX spend.

Vegetation Management Teams

I need to scope, analyze, prioritize, execute and audit vegetation work, in order to increase efficiency and reduce vegetation spend.

Emergency Preparedness & Response Teams

Simulate the impact of extreme weather events on your network, and plan grid hardening and response.

Emergency Preparedness & Response Teams

I need to preemptively prepare for extreme weather and emergencies, and respond faster during and after an event.

Engineering Designers

Rapidly design new overhead and underground lines with Neara’s easy to use physics-enabled 3D design capability.

Engineering Designers

I need to collaborate and design faster and more accurately with minimal upskilling or training, in order to focus on designing instead of drafting.

Innovation Teams

Bring next-generation digital twin technology to enhance efficiency, collaboration and depth of analytics across your organization.

Innovation Teams

I need to drive significant business value across the entire organization.

Aerial Inspection Teams

Automatically process and prepare your spatial datasets for immediate business use such as utility network design, analysis, and work program coordination.

Aerial Inspection Teams

I need to view, audit and automatically process captured LiDAR, in order to immediately utilize and extract business value from that data.

Engineering, Procurement & Construction Teams

Use a cloud-based platform to access and collaborate on data and designs, including external and contractor teams, to improve speed and efficiency.

Engineering, Procurement & Construction Teams

I need to scope and design projects faster and more seamlessly, to improve efficiency and deliver projects at the lowest cost and ahead of schedule.

Geospatial Survey & Analysis Teams

Deliver large-scale data projects rapidly and efficiently using one, integrated platform for LiDAR classification, vectorization, and analysis.

Geospatial Survey & Analysis Teams

I need to view, classify and automatically process captured LiDAR, in order to improve efficiency and profitability of client projects.

Neara creates tangible value for each customer


Urban UtilityFaster identification of span-clash risk, 4 months vs 3 years


Rural UtilityCost saving by eliminating 3,000 site visits within the first year


Rural UtilityEstimated annual spend reduction on asset replacements


Mid-Sized UtilityFaster by replacing manual processes with automation using the Neara Platform

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