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Design Modules

Streamline the design process using a 3D network model.

Accelerate the design process with greater accuracy, speed, and efficiency with Neara’s comprehensive, cloud-based, network engineering and design tools.

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Scalable 3D overhead/underground design capability performs design 30x faster than traditional software.

  • LiDAR, DXF, GiS, and other data sources are ingested and auto-modeled at scale to produce an engineering-grade 3D model of network assets, terrain, and surroundings
  • Teams can share, collaborate, and iterate on designs and reports via the cloud-based platform. All functionality can be accessed anywhere, ensuring the design process can be kept entirely in Neara
  • Engineers can set custom warnings and validate designs in real time against customizable reports (based on NESC and AS7000) to ensure designs are compliant before submitted for review
  • Determine cost of proposed developments within Neara
  • Multi-format export capabilities to suit any jurisdiction or design policy requirements, and easy integration within the larger software ecosystem


All-in-one software tools for overhead line design


  • Model overhead lines using fully customizable libraries
  • Ingest LiDAR, DXF, KML and CSV data to model either existing or proposed lines
  • Sanity check the placement of spans and visualize the interaction between the design and the real world using Google map overlay
  • Validate your design against requirements such as clearance, capacity, tensioning, and other design parameters to ensure safety and accuracy using customizable environmental conditions and reports

Add-ons to Overhead Module:

LiDAR functionality: Import and QA/QC LiDAR. This can be used in designs for ground profiling, clearance checking to vegetation, ground or other assets and for modeling existing areas.

FEA functionality: Perform Finite Element Analysis (FEA) calculations on your span, and set up libraries with required FEA elements.


Model and visualize underground assets


  • Perform key underground calculations such as cable pull and voltage drop
  • Ensure underground assets and data can be modeled, visualized and used in designs
  • Link seamlessly with Overhead Module to ensure that an entire network can be modeled and analyzed for any potential issues


Design access and collaboration for external teams

Contractor Portal

  • Allow external contractors to access your network model, and provides you the ability to set limitations on access criteria and amounts; once defined, contractors can log on and extract what they need
  • Give internal and external teams the ability to design using an engineering grade digital twin of a network area
  • Allow multiple organizations to use a single source of truth to reduce the manual duplication of work
  • Maintain control over the design validation. For example, when designs are submitted, the utility can automatically scan for non-compliance or where certain violations have not been addressed

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