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Aerial Inspection Teams

Explore Neara's solutions to view, audit and automatically process captured LiDAR, in order to immediately utilize and extract business value from that data.

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Process and classify noisy LiDAR


Neara AutoProcessing ingests unclassified and noisy LiDAR and returns a fully classified and denoised dataset.

  • Runs on the cloud which allows for multiple datasets to be automatically processed in parallel efficiently
  • Classify data sets the size of Texas within days
  • The ML model is trained on thousands of datasets and across a variety of features for rapid classification suitable for a variety of industries
  • Auto classification improves over time with ML accuracy and speed


Auto generate a 3D vector model


Neara automatically generates a 3D vector model from a classified point cloud dataset, and intelligently reclassifies LiDAR based on heuristics and relationship to the model.

  • Cleanly extract pole and cable vectors, even where LiDAR coverage is poor
  • Use the vectors to also perform automatic LiDAR classification QA, such as reclassifying all false positive conductor and pole points outside of the vectors
  • Leverage intelligent and customizable algorithms to automate the QA/QC of LiDAR to solve for dataset-specific challenges
  • Perform QA/QC automatically at-scale, including providing LiDAR coverage/quality metrics to inform future data capture requirements


LiDAR point cloud viewer & spatial analytics at-scale


Conduct LiDAR spatial analytics at-scale to visualize and explore clearance to ground/conductors, vegetation encroachment, etc.

  • Perform complex clearance analysis simply with robust report builders and cloud-enabled dataset-wide analytics
  • Compare LiDAR changes to analyze changes over time and predict vegetation growth
  • Automatically detect asset risks (pole-lean, cable-sag) and non-compliant building structures in right of ways
  • Identify and correct missing assets such as found poles.
  • Perform automated GIS asset correction using classified LiDAR and update back to source system

*Neara digital twin build not required for Spatial Modules.

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Keep assets at a safe distance in any weather or load scenario


Neara provides simple tools to calculate the precise encroachment distance of surrounding objects for every cable in your network. Simply set-up the rules, define the desired weather conditions, and receive network-wide results. Apply regional and jurisdictional clearance standards, or augment them to your network’s specific requirements.

  • Some clearance violations are more dangerous than others – logically prioritize field works and ensure appropriate maintenance
  • Assess different clearance requirements for assets near roads, pathways, railways, or other surrounding features
  • Prioritize and triage encroachment problems to address the most hazardous, highest-consequence issues first
  • Maintain network-wide compliance to clearance standards


Identify and analyze the effect of third party attachments

3rd Party Attachments

Third party assets such as telecommunications and private cables can affect clearance, structural integrity, and accessibility of utility assets. Neara provides the tools to identify and analyze the effect of third party attachments on utility infrastructure.

  • Understand where all third party attachments are across the network and immediately identify any clearance or encroachment violations
  • Automatically identify all assets in your network that can accept further third party attachments and cables, while maintaining clearance loading limitations
  • Instantly confirm adequate clearance and loading along entire cable routes

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