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Rate every span in the network, simulating under different environmental and load scenarios

Line Rating

Identify problems, and design and test solutions to line rating limitations in one platform.

  • Adapt to the network requirements of Distributed Energy Resources (DER), understanding where assets need to be changed to deal with new loads
  • Identify the “limiting” spans on each circuit that prevent higher electrical loads – small changes can often unlock significantly higher electric throughput


Centralize asset maintenance monitoring and analysis in one location

Asset Analytics & Risk Mitigation

Neara combines maintenance data, degradation and change analytics, and asset history with structural, stress, and loading analysis at network scale.

  • Define network models for condition-based assessment
  • Stress test the network under maximum allowable conditions, and automatically flag areas and assets at high risk of failure
  • Construct, audit, and optimize inspection and replacement scheduling
  • Integrate with existing defect / task management systems
  • Identify problems using Neara’s Analyze Modules, then immediately design solutions using Neara’s Design Modules – all on the same platform

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