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Understand precise loading, stress, and tension on every asset across the entire network

Structural Analysis

Neara enables utilities to run at-scale Finite Element Analysis (FEA) on all poles, cross-arms, and sub-components.

  • Identify the “invisible” risks of poles and assemblies under high-stress or approaching maximum loading, and prioritize remediation programs accordingly
  • Simulate environmental conditions network-wide. Predict the consequences of extreme wind, snow, and heat events before they occur
  • Perform multi-pole failure analysis to identify points of elevated failure risk across your network
  • Propose solutions and mitigations immediately – add guy-wires, splints, change material types, then rerun analysis to immediately see the effects

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Identify and analyze the effect of third party attachments

3rd Party Attachments

Third party assets such as telecommunications and private cables can affect clearance, structural integrity, and accessibility of utility assets. Neara provides the tools to identify and analyze the effect of third party attachments on utility infrastructure.

  • Understand where all third party attachments are across the network and immediately identify any clearance or encroachment violations
  • Automatically identify all assets in your network that can accept further third party attachments and cables, while maintaining clearance loading limitations
  • Instantly confirm adequate clearance and loading along entire cable routes

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