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Process and classify noisy LiDAR


Neara AutoProcessing ingests unclassified and noisy LiDAR and returns a fully classified and denoised dataset.

  • Runs on the cloud which allows for multiple datasets to be automatically processed in parallel efficiently
  • Classify data sets the size of Texas within days
  • The ML model is trained on thousands of datasets and across a variety of features for rapid classification suitable for a variety of industries
  • Auto classification improves over time with ML accuracy and speed


Auto generate a 3D vector model


Neara automatically generates a 3D vector model from a classified point cloud dataset, and intelligently reclassifies LiDAR based on heuristics and relationship to the model.

  • Cleanly extract pole and cable vectors, even where LiDAR coverage is poor
  • Use the vectors to also perform automatic LiDAR classification QA, such as reclassifying all false positive conductor and pole points outside of the vectors
  • Leverage intelligent and customizable algorithms to automate the QA/QC of LiDAR to solve for dataset-specific challenges
  • Perform QA/QC automatically at-scale, including providing LiDAR coverage/quality metrics to inform future data capture requirements

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