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critical infrastructure

Know what you own, where it is, how it behaves, and whether it poses risk.

Identify and assess known and unknown risks in your network.

Neara is a physics-enabled platform that builds 3D interactive models of critical infrastructure networks and assets, providing the ability to run real-world scenarios, assess current and future risk, and prioritize maintenance and disaster response.

Developed specifically to deliver on utilities’ needs.

The challenges facing critical infrastructure are significant.

With aging infrastructure, electrification, extreme weather and climate impacts, microgrids, unpredictable load demands, load growth and more, the need for power line utility and design software to modernize the grid for the future is evident.

Utilities need new technology to navigate the energy transition.

As grids move to support more renewable energy sources, we can help accelerate their path. Neara performs risk mitigation and assessment at the individual asset and network level, providing smart analytics to improve safety, optimize operational efficiencies, and build a more sustainable grid.

We make industry innovation…to build a more resilient grid.

We make it easy for utilities to advance digital transformation. Neara can help create situational awareness of T&D networks, with a cloud-based software solution to strengthen goals for safety and reliability in delivering power. Our technology can help solve the complex problems facing infrastructure companies globally.

Not just a database of assets

This isn’t just a database of your assets.

Neara ties elements together and shows you HOW they behave.

Our cloud-based software solutions provide energy and utility companies with an engineering-grade digital twin of their transmission and distribution (T&D) infrastructure.

Fitted by LiDAR and geospatial data, and informed by engineering specs, existing conditions and other network specific data, this digitally built environment leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to intelligently unify data, and expose insights into utility operations.

Through a 3D, physics-enabled model, SIMULATE and SEE the sag and sway of cables, blow-in and blow-out, encroachment and other potential risks — and consequences.

Who is it for?

A broad spectrum of users and teams can utilize Neara and can utilize Neara’s digital twin for utilities to perform predictive analysis to mitigate risk, improve network operations and maintenance, and make data-driven decisions faster.

How is Neara T&D software different from other solutions?

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Assess risk, consequence and cost.

Understand risks and associated costs, and quickly prioritize and make decisions based on real world data to improve network operations and maintenance.


What is the probability something will go wrong?


What is or will be affected? People, structures, land, assets?


What is the cost for repairs, resources, equipment, maintenance?

Real-world challenges. Real solutions.

Recent wildfire, flood and storm examples

Neara has proven capabilities helping utilities manage their networks against the impact of severe weather events, and then optimize response and remediation to restore power faster.

Wildfire Mitigation

Helped a utility overlay live wildfire data on top of their network to identify and assess both damaged and at-risk assets. This enabled them to rapidly make repairs and restore power to communities. 

Flood Analysis and Response

Helped a utility produce network damage analysis and reporting of their network in the midst of a flood emergency - all built and deployed within 48 hrs of floods commencing.

Storm Restoration

Helped a utility overlay severe storm damage data on top of their network to identify and assess at-risk and damaged assets. From this, they were able to quickly prioritize repairs and restore power.

Leverage existing data in a new way.

Use a digital world and power line utility software to assess the health of your grid.

Our engineering-grade digital twin platform for utilities enables them to efficiently build, operate and optimize critical infrastructure. Assess the health of your assets and extend their lifecycle by not replacing them too early, or safeguarding them against vegetation, clashing, climate impacts and more. Create simulation scenarios and put your network and assets to the test.

No compromises.

We remove the historic trade-off between accuracy, speed and scale for network design and analysis.

Neara can help predict what will cause problems across thousands of assets and thousands of miles of network better, faster, and in real-time via data-rich models. It provides that level of engineering and physics-grade fidelity, and can be simulated at a network-wide scale with greater accuracy.

5 Distinct Benefits


Our 3D model understands the network’s profile, connections, topology, behavior, mechanical/structural characteristics, and has FEA capability.

Network-wide optimization

Perform network-wide analytics and simulations across the entire asset life-cycle, from design through decommission.

Broad functionality

Out-of-the-box and customizable to existing and future needs.


Your data, your standards, your business logic, your domain expertise, your model.

Data collaboration

Access, understand, integrate and use your data more effectively, efficiently and transparently in a multi-user environment.

Ask and Simulate

Run analysis across your network to find risk and plan solutions.

Pose questions and run “what if” scenarios in a risk-free environment with a 3D digital twin for utilities. Extract and unlock the value of your data using AI and ML.

Where are my wildfire risks?

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Where will my assets be affected by floods?

Learn How,

If a fire started here, what would the consequence be?

Learn How,

What assets would fail in a storm and high winds?

Learn How,

How many solar panels can feed this part of the grid without failing?

Learn How,

How can I quickly estimate the cost of a proposed route or route changes?

Learn How,

With EV charging ports, when will peak demand be? 

Learn How,

Which poles will break under stress?

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Do these assets have enough spare capacity for third party attachments?

Learn How,

How will surrounding vegetation grow towards my network over time?

Learn How,

How can I reliably automate the vectorization of my LiDAR datasets?

Learn How,

With a limited budget, which network components should I replace first?

Learn How,

Where are my clearance and vegetation encroachment problems?

Learn How,

How can I visualize and design both overhead and underground assets in a single design?

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How do I prioritize and bundle my maintenance work?

Learn How,

Where are the limiting spans, in terms of dynamic line rating? 

Learn How,

How much of my network’s loading problems could be safely solved with a guy-wire?

Learn How,

How can I automate Point Cloud classification to save cost and time?

Learn How,

How many clearance problems could be safely solved by simply retensioning?

Learn How,

What will 85mph winds do to these lines?

Learn How,

What is the structural load on my network?

Learn How,

Which of all the maintenance tasks have been completed and audited?

Learn How,

Where are all the clearance risks to vegetation from my vector model?

Learn How,

When do I need to replace these poles?

Learn How,

How can I check key underground calculations like voltage drop and cable pull?

Learn How,

Which parts of my network need grid hardening?

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These problems aren’t unique. How we solve them is.

Neara provides functional teams across utilities with scalable technology to leverage their own data to find solutions to these challenges themselves. No need for outsourcing.

What if you could…

  • Process and classify LiDAR data? 
  • Analyze finite assets within your network?
  • Design an extension to your network to support future demands?
  • Identify areas of vegetation encroachment and plan maintenance?
  • Determine where the areas of risk are across your network based on upcoming severe weather?
  • Determine which poles actually need to be replaced?
  • more…

Neara can:

  • Do all of this in one cohesive, end-to-end cloud-based platform
  • Solve these problems differently and better using engineering grade functionality
  • Provide a means to leverage your data horizontally across your business
  • Enable undisrupted workstreams — no need to switch software tools

Under management on Neara:


Total network milesEquivalent to 16x the circumference of Earth


Total network square milesLarger than the area of California and Texas combined


Total number of assetsCovering distribution, sub-transmission and transmission structures

Deep functionality. Broad application.

Neara’s unified, stand-alone platform at a glance.

Intelligent 3D visual model of network, assets and environment.

Automatic spatial data processing, classification, and modeling.

Asset correction and analysis, maintain accurate asset records.

Rapidly design and plan new T&D line routes.

Auto calculate pole, cables, and components structural integrity with FEA.

Simulate and mitigate climate and weather impacts.

Comprehensive wildfire and vegetation management.

Network-wide analytics to identify at-risk assets.

Cascading pole failure analysis, conductor-slapping, galloping and more.

Optimize operations at scale to reduce asset maintenance and replacement spend.

Intuitive interface and design tools for ease of use.

Full customization from asset libraries to exporting.

Calculations dynamically adjust in real-time.

Cloud-based collaboration supports remote teams and access.

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