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Not all digital twins are the same

The Neara Platform delivers a true digital twin — a physics-enabled, engineering grade 3D interactive digital model of critical infrastructure.

Neara integrates a utility’s existing datasets, using AI/ML to process geospatial data and perform complex, engineering-grade design and analysis automatically — both at an individual asset-level and at network scale.

How do we do it?

What sets us apart is that we leverage a utility’s own data to provide a new lens for solving deep and complex problems more easily.

Input DatasetInput Dataset

Your Data Sources

GIS, LiDAR and
Engineering Specs

Digital Twin

Accurate 3D representation
of your network

Neara’s digital twin is different.

Unique and purpose-built for utilities

Neara is a 3D physics based model, meaning, it will show power lines and utility poles bending and moving. It allows you to realistically see how your assets behave, and will behave, under certain operating conditions.

An interactive, living 3D model

Neara’s digital twin is a fully dynamic and editable model. Our modeling approach uses physics to reflect real-world data and build a digital replication of all network assets — which provides depth and confidence to the results it generates.

Get your data talking in Neara

Overlay multiple data sets for a holistic view of your transmission and distribution network. Once you have built the digital twin, apply different sets of data and run simulations against it to determine the effects on the grid.

Make precise decisions about individual assets

Engineering-grade functionality, such as Finite Element Analysis (FEA), enables a precise understanding of the structural load on your network in minutes vs the days or weeks it would take for an engineer to go out and look at an asset in the field.

See. Predict. Plan. Respond.

Through a real-world 3D scenario modeler, vary tolerances and risk, and gain control over what your network does, and the environment around it. Leverage actionable insights to develop operational plans within a no risk environment.

Physics enabled and engineering-grade

Conduct analysis such as vegetation clearance, tower structural integrity, wind simulations, and more with ease at an individual-asset level, and at network scale.

A singular journey for keeping the digital twin current

Neara integrates all data in its platform. Therefore, the cadence of data updates is established by the cadence of the data sources themselves and follows existing workflows. Update the digital twin as your network evolves by integrating new datasets and layers.

Secure and cloud-based platform

This fully-editable, 3D digital twin model of your network assets serves as a unified platform for network design, planning and management, and is usable by both internal teams and contractors.

Accommodates full and partial data

Utilities with limited engineering or spatial data can quickly build a network-wide 3D representation of their assets and start generating value, while those with comprehensive data inputs can build a digital twin that supports advanced functionality across all Neara Modules.

Neara platform displayed on a laptop

The Neara Platform is the core, and it improves and evolves over time with advancements in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and continuous development.

Modules extend the platform’s value.

With the Neara Platform as a foundation, users can achieve specific business goals using a Neara Module which has been purpose built to address a pain point. Organizations can look to deliver broader systemic value by using multiple Modules.

Neara Modules

Modules allow you to interact with your network’s 3D digital twin to solve a specific problem. IDENTIFY the problems you wish to solve, SELECT the modules that meet your needs and UNCOVER solutions with far-reaching value.

Spatial Modules

Automate point cloud classification at scale and save time.

Design Modules

Streamline the design process using a 3D network model.

Analyze Modules

Execute network-wide analysis and deep dive into asset performance.

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